How to Reverse a Refrigerator Door

You moved the old fridge into the Men's Crisis Center (aka the garage) and now the doors open the wrong way. And that makes for inconvenient beverage access, a problem that must be corrected before pursuing other home improvement activities.

It's an easy DIY project, but you do have to pay attention to the disassembly and reassembly steps and keep track of the plastic parts. If you put them back in the wrong place or leave them out, the doors won't close properly. The entire job takes less than an hour and requires just screwdrivers, pliers and a socket set.

Start by removing all the food from the upper and lower door shelves. Then pry off the upper hinge trim piece (if equipped) with a flat-blade screwdriver. Hold the door in place while you remove the upper hinge screws. Then remove the upper door.

Next, remove the middle hinge screws and the bottom door. Check for plastic parts at both hinges and label them. Then remove the bottom hinge and mount it on the opposite side of the fridge. Swap the door handles and the door stops to the opposite sides of the door.

This next part makes most people crazy, but it makes sense when you think it through. When you flip the middle hinge to the opposite side of the fridge, the upper and lower hinge pins will be facing the wrong direction. Don't panic! Just reverse the hinge pin.

With the middle hinge pin reversed, go ahead and reassemble the doors and hinges and reload your fridge.